tisdag 19 juli 2016

Jönköping Södra - Djurgården (extra work for Getty Image/Ombrello Network)

Yesterday I got the chance to work for Getty Images / Ombrello Network as the replacement for the sick Jonas Gustafsson. For those of you who do not know Getty Images is the world's largest photo agency, covering everything from fashion shows, political events to Concerts and sports.

A big thanks to Jonas Gustafsson and Nils Petter Nillson who made this possible

Jonas Gustafsson blogg you can find at: http://fotografjonasgustafsson.blogspot.se

Photo: Stefan Persson/Bildbyrån)

torsdag 30 juni 2016

Portrait shoot with Viktor ¨Kidson¨ Andersson

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself
- John Dewey

Alla portrait are shoot with Canon 5d mk 3 with 17-40mm and also 70-200 with one Canon 600 rx-t flash. The black and white were also used with Lastolite Softbox 56x56 with a Canon 600 rx-t flash.

söndag 12 juni 2016

Jönköping Spartans-Göteborg Marvels (shooting one of my favorit sport)

Yesterday I shoot American football between Jonkoping Spartans-Gothenburg Marvels. It's a sport that I have in the past year has really stuck with me, especially now that Jonkoping also has a women's team. What I like most about the sport is the feeling during the game. The feeling is hard to describe, but they are a bit like a Division 6 football, you have a bunch of people grilling and selling burgers and soda while they're talking about everything. On plane is the full speed, the coaches heard everywhere and gives everything the same applies to the players. After when the game is over, it is big smiles on the participants and most of them go to friends or family and talk about the game.

onsdag 8 juni 2016

Jönköping from another angel

On Tuesday I got the chance to hang with Johan Ekqvist. He works as a pilot and invited me on a tour around Jonkoping up in the sky. It was a challenge to shoot through the window and also avoid getting the wing and tire in the picture. Also a thing that was good for the brain and the image ideas to replace sports and portraits to something else that you never photographed for.